A Continuation of ONE FRIDAY

A Continuation of ONE FRIDAY

ONE VOICE is another chapter in inclusion, a continuation of the buddy walk of sorts that started with ONE FRIDAY. During ONE FRIDAY, we had gathered nearly 100 voices to come together to make a community documentary. We made 10 youtube videos and 5 podcasts. We released these during on November 7, 2009, via an opening ceremony graced by RADM (NS) Minister Lui Tuck Yew and our fellow documentarians at The Arts House (the old parliament house), and we launched the website http://www.onefriday.sg. In October of 2012, we finally managed to repair the website that crashed in 2010 and successfully produced our ONE FRIDAY DVD.

Then while planning for the launch of the DVD, Lai Wah, my co-producer, and I started talking about a new project. When it comes to making art, it’s difficult to take something good, something natural, something which had manifested spontaneously, and recreate that. We tried to do a ONE FRIDAY 2, but somehow, one way or another, it wasn’t to be. And taking a lesson from that, we realise, we need to let forth a NEW manifestation of inclusion.


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