Individual Community Documentarians


Paul, a family friend, counsels wisely, “You become the stories you tell.” Be a documentarian for humanity walking with moral courage into inclusion and BE that documentary.


  1. Please locate an individual who happens to have an extra chromosome or one who is walking or have walked alongside such an individual.
  2. You are in essence planning a Buddy Walk itinerary by reaching out and spend at least half a day with your new Buddy. Ask about his or her hopes and dreams.
  1. Record “My name is _______. I sing for ________, because __________.”
  2. Then record your song. Sing “One Voice” by Barry Manilow for and with your Buddy Walk friend.  You may do this completely found, unprepared or with grand preparations. You may do this alone or with someone. You may do it with a musical instrument or simply with breath. You may do this in a recording studio or in a shopping mall or by the river. You may do this with voice or without voice. You may do it any way your heart tells you to sing this song.
  3. Please record or note in the credits:
    A GSK-charKOL Production
    for and with Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)

Tagline – For all who care and commit to inclusion.
Because with adventure, we discover. The best of being human.

Buddy Walk friend – full name and country
Producer/Director – yourself and/or your crew
Music – your song or your score and acknowledge One Voice written by Barry Manilow
A Community Documentary by (Yourself as Director)
Post tag about responsible intellectual property

  1. Sing and shine the light of inclusion and love on your fellow human being so that everyone sees him or her, and allows him or her in.
  2. Fill in the necessary release forms and location permission forms and send these together with your voice recording, along with photos, videos and stories you discover on this buddy walk of sorts to and post your story on Facebook ONE VOICE!/pages/One-Voice-another-Buddy-Walk-of-Sorts/299925656691052.  We will not be able to accept your contribution if you don’t submit the necessary forms as stated, so please take care to collect the necessary signatures.
  3. Your contribution may be used in a larger documentary, DVD production, a soundtrack and/or other productions by One Voice. Please make sure you have a high resolution version that can be post-produced for DVD format and a music album.

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