10,000 Voices

10,000 Voices, Performing, A Selfless Act in Love

After ONE FRIDAY, I was so exhausted, especially emotionally, that I was completely convinced I would never do another community project on such a big scale. Well, guess what, I rested, and during the retreat, guess what happened? I GREW! I feel ready now to embark towards an even a larger mark.

10,000 voices.

When I first typed it into the sms to Lai Wah (my Sponsor Producer of ONE FRIDAY), of course, it was done in a moment of euphoria.  The next morning, which is today, I am starting to compute the work that this translates into and I went, “Whoa! What on earth got into my head?” Well, wrong question, padawan. The right question is:  “What, on earth, got into my heart?”

What, on earth, got into my heart was MORAL COURAGE & DUTY, though the inspirations are quite definitely from a time-space before and beyond. I thank the poet Vyasa of The Bhagavad Gita for leaving a record of humanity in words that resonate so deeply within my soul and to Eknath Easwaran for being that portal that had allowed the Gita (the Song) to so grandly traverse across time-space to my present day call for help. I had been in a state of paralysis. I had been conflicted to act, confused about many things.  I was Arjuna in the middle of the flux of life, in despair, neither moving forward nor backward. Actually worse, neither able to move forward nor backward; I couldn’t even put on my running shoes. I was stuck. I am now able to follow the footprints of Gandhi: that the Gita is about our inner battle. And with my conscience absolutely crystal that every selfless act in love is the way of life – I am propelled into action again.

And it is with hands, having received, and fully clasped, that I now sow the seed of moral courage and duty on the ground-breaking of ONE VOICE.


Peng-Ean Khoo
Executive Producer/Director
ONE VOICE: Another Buddy Walk of Sorts
September 24, 2011


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