PEK – Executive Producer/Director

This project was conceptualised and will be produced & directed by Peng-Ean Khoo.

Peng-Ean Khoo’s career involves juggling the intricate duality as a business professional and a poet-artist.  A chartered accountant (ICAEW UK) by profession, Peng-Ean read Economics at Cambridge University, U.K.  As a poet-artist, Peng-Ean has read, exhibited and published in the Greater Boston area and Singapore including the Boston Public Library, Warwick Museum of Art and the Massachusetts Radio Network for the Blind. She provides business advisory and solutions to sustainable enterprises – start ups, creative businesses, social enterprises, and enterprises desiring to be sustainable. In 2008, she co-founded charKOL to create a space for the exploration of our humanity through art and ideas. PEK has added Corporate Responsibility, Social Business Entrepreneurship and Down Syndrome to her list of ponderings: motherhood and family, post-colonialism, environmental awareness, and children’s rights.  She continues to explore what makes us human through art, poetry and entrepreneurship. She maintains a blog at


Peng-Ean Khoo has produced and participated in numerous public art and education projects, including:

Culture of Peace – a travelling exhibition  of art & poetry touring in New England, USA since 2001;

My Mark to Strain Peace: A Creative Encounter – an art & poetry exhibition and public programme supported by the National Library ;

Art Fields –  a public installation art project in a neighbourhood cafe – Gone Fishing – supported by the National Arts Council (Singapore);

Borrowed Nature –  installation art to bring awareness to the environment commissioned by Woodlands National Library-Singapore Art Museum;

Spoken Word – an education programme to facilitate authentic and confident oralcy development through art commissioned by MOE-Canossa Convent Primary School;

Van Gogh: A Handshake in Thought – a public education exhibit commissioned by the Singapore Science Centre.

ONE FRIDAY: A Buddy Walk of Sorts – a community documentary to bring awareness about Down Syndrome in Singapore.


Her son, Keith, is bestowed with an extra chromosome 21.


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